Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wednesday night started off with our big In-Store Party for Magic. We hollered at alot of our close friends and supporters and had a great turn out. Thanks to Budweiser & Absolut Vodka for the liquor and to Ray Alamo & Kimmy from 944 for covering the event on

DJ's Roctakon & Crooked
DJ's Ikon, Graham Funke & OB-One
DJ Vice & Angie
DJ FiveDJ Fashen
DJ E-Swift from Tha Liks
DJ Fresh-One reppin' San Diego
Josh from SOULD came thru and showed major support
Promotional shirts from SOULD
Them SOULD shirts went like hotcakes
DJ Alpyne
Mark Sparks from N9ne Group
DJ's Tina T & L-One
Alfredo Diaz from NYC
Neva on the decks
Fashen repped for AZ
Killer reggae set from OB
Eleven reppin' Brooklyn to the Bay
Five on the one & two's
I had to get on for a couple of mixes...
Kenny, Richard from TRIUMVIR, E-Swift & Shecky Green of GAME
Eleven with Dana from ADDICT
KNYEW giftbags sponsored by TRIUMVIR & SCION
Fully catered with crab cakes, chicken satays, hot wings ....
...and black angus beef sliders. WHOA!
The chef cooking it up from our stockroom
DJ Zimmie from PA loving them sliders
Kenny...groping innocent women after a few shots
Mark Sparks and the ever so lovely DJ 88
DJ's Nugget & Zimmie reppin' PA
DJ's Mighty Mi & Risk One
Whose that sexy bartender bitch...whoooooo!
Shots! Shots! Shots!
Me, Neva & our everything man Marlin

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